Berserker Paine

Final Fantasy X-2



Ohh where to begin with Paine!

First off I have to say wearing this was very Interesting... People were too intimidated to talk to me... I've never had that happen before. At the FF photoshoot I heard whispers. I probably didn't help tho because i try my hardest to stay in character while i cosplay, it makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable! Well since paine is such a BA and kinda a big B, and very shy and quite I was. When people took my photo I would just nod with out a smile and walk away when they said thank you. so IM SORRY IF YOU THINK I WAS SOME MEAN COSPLAYER THAT HAS SOMETHING STUCK UP THEIR REAR!!!! I'm not i promise!! I was just being in character!!!!

This costume was harder where i thought it would be easy and very easy where I thought it would be hard. This is my first time making props and using paperclay or anything similar!! I think i did a pretty good job for NEVER making a prop/ armor/horns before!!!

If you want to know how to make a specific part i'll be more than happy to tell you how I did it!

I even made the bra, the red tie, the undies the claws and the leg warmers for the Rikku in our group. GRANTED the bra and undies were made kinda ghetto but that was because we had 3 days to make a berserker costume... =/ sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Berserker Paine


Rath_x Hey! I'm planning on making a Berserker Paine and I was wondering if you used a zentai suit and how you made the horns and shoulder armor. I made some armor before using craft foam but her armor for the dressphere just seems bulkier than what foam can provide. i also condidered using model magic but my friends used that for a keyblade and it just completely fell off once she paper mache'd it. You're costume is very well done and I was just hoping you'd be able to help me out.

BalthierFlare Wow, what a good Paine! ^^