Yueri as Ashera


Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Cosplayer: Yueri
Ashera is my just-finished dream costume. I was overwhelmed when I first saw her design, thinking it to be positively impossible to pull it off. I tried making two dresses with different materials before actually getting to the final one.
The belt was a challenge because I could not find beads like those anywhere. I ended up making them and designing a way to string the beads with wire. I quite proud of how it turned out!
As for all the white parts I was at first scared to use feathers... but I think they are the only thing that could do it justice. I lost count when I was applying them, but they are a LOT! I sprinkled pearls in them to give them an elegant look.

I hope you like them and please do visit the whole gallery! http://negality.com