Sui Kune as Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn

Sailor Moon musicals (SeraMyu)


Cosplayer: Sui Kune
There are two versions of this costume: the original, and the new refurbished version.

The bodysuit is white lycra with flesh-colored swimsuit lining, and now has the real double-braided Myu trim sewn into where the "princess" seams would go. The shoulder flares were once removable, but the new improved versions have been sewn into the shoulders and look much more accurate.

The purple fabric is velveteen, and I love the weight of it. (Funnily enough, like some photos I see of Nakamura Ruria's Saturn, depending on lighting the fabric becomes more or less bluish in appearance.) The white skirt is also velveteen. The gold trim in the collar, bows, glove bands, and silver trim in the skirts are now all single-braided Myu trim. The bows are lamé, and the new removable glove bands are metallic spandex.

The tiara and boots were bought, and so is my Silence Glaive. (Note that in the photos, the red tie on the glaive is the peacebonding for the con.)

Credits for Bought Components:

Silence Glaive - zhangxuehai2018 of Yahoo Japan
Tiara - Catzia's Collectibles (
Boots (both versions) - goldexperience0001, Yahoo Japan
Wig - Amphigory (
Gloves, Sheer Stockings - Store bought