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I got suckerd into an Ragnarok Online cosplay, because my friends and I wanted a group cosplay. And it became RO. Which, for the record, I have never played. And only know of it by name, really.

I picked the Male Mage because a) it was simple, b) not revealing, c) not too thick for 3, long, hot days in mid august on a mountain venue.

only interesting tidbit about the costume is that the cape is made of upholstry fabric. other wise, this costume is essentially thrown together, and you can tell really easily.

the staff though, I had lots of fun with. It's a wooden dowel base, with the ends shaped with plaster and news paper. The bobble is a clear christmas bobble, coated on the inside with an originally clear nail polish that i tinted blue using food colouring (btw, not the best way to tint clear nail polish for deeper or saturated colours). The bobble was attached with the ever handy-dandy hot glue gun.


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Series Ragnarok Online
Character Mage
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