Kingdom Hearts II



WELL! I finally get the chance to use this coat!

So let me tell a little story.

It started out at Anime Expo 2006 with our newfound friends Troy and Kevin saying: "Go play this great Kingdom Hearts game. You'll love it." So we do.

So we become obsessed.

So we decide to cosplay from the Organization! Not unheard of, right?

Except that NOWHERE did there exist zippers wide enough to make accurate coats, leaving us very sad and coat-less.

UNTIL we start a business, contact a company overseas, go through the crazy process of actually REGISTERING a business and getting a tax number, figure out the intricacies of importing, purchase the minimum order of a billion #30 zippers, and FINALLY have what we need to make organization coats! ^.^

And also fill a small swimming pool.

Anyhow, the fabric can be purchased here:

And the zippers can be purchased here:

There is a tutorial for the coat here:

And the wig was done using the same techniques I used here:

Feel free to use any of these sources. ^.^


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Sissy wow, that's quite a process to just gain a few zippers ^^;; ah, the things we do for cosplay :P great job