Terra (Tina) Branford

Final Fantasy VI

@Minako Aino


I wanted my costume to be a mix between the video game sprite and the gorgeous illustrations from Yoshitaka Amano. I didn't want to embroider it all with million pearls and that kind of things, I just wanted to drew inspiration from the illustrations to make something more detailed than the in-game sprite, and I tried to make this costume as I saw it. That's why I kept the green hair that I think is characteristic of Terra, as well as the purple shoulder armors; I tried to make everything else as close as possible to Amano's artworks.


@Minako Aino
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Series Final Fantasy VI
Character Terra (Tina) Branford
Variant Amano version


Chelseahavoc your take is so very pretty i love it <3

BalthierFlare Very pretty. ^^