The Legend of Zelda



THIS IS NOT ME! I made this costume I made for my friend. Good Will was our friend for this costume. We bought the blue spandex shirt and pants, which thankfully were the same color. Then i went through the painstaking task of pinning and sewing the light blue fabric and white lines. Because of the way spandex stretches, we had to pin the light blue fabric and white lines onto the pants and shirt, while she was wearing it. Someday, i would like to remake this costume, but the next time, i think that i would take apart the shirt and pants, instead of trying to shove the base of the sewing machine through an sleeve... took the pictures of this costume

I don't think that my friend who is wearing the costume has a account...

This costume has now been retired and will only be used for special occasions. I will be making a couple more costumes for my friend, then hopefully we will start working on a special project *cough* SSBB Sheik.. *cough*


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