Leia Organa

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi



Thanks to the makers Tomak and Jamin. A friend of mine is a tailor, he added all the fabric parts (the fabric which is inserted in the bra and the aprons of the bikini bottom) and modified ready-made boots for me.

I bought beige suede boots at a local shoe store. They were not high enough, so some leather had to be added. Then the shoes were cut into the correct shape. With the aid of spray-on glue, the shoes were covered with grey velvet powder. Finally, thick golden cords and tassels were added to complete the shoes.
Jamin’s offering a more elaborated version of the costume nowadays. So, I have decided to buy the new parts: the completely new boot tops and the improved, smaller hair ornaments. I’ve found grey suede boots, but I didn’t start to make new boots yet.

I also want to redo the hairpieces with the new, smaller hair ornaments (my current hair ornaments are too big and the hair style is not completely correct).

Lance and coat:
The lance was a present of a friend of mine. It’s made of wood and painted in silver. I also have a color-coordinated cloak. It has the typical design of a cloak of a Jedi knight, but I usually don’t use it.


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Series Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Character Leia Organa
Variant Slave bikini


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