Styria - Shiva Sisters

Final Fantasy XIII



My greatest challenge ever. I paused many time wondering whether I would make it, have it look decent or even finish it in time.
I made the jumpsuit in actionwear and attached navy (fleece-backed ^^;) pleather on top. The wings are pleather with a wire frames to make they stand up.
The armour piece are mostly made with styrene and lined with foam, camping/yoga mats.
The seat is made entirely of foam. The feet are made with styrene and plastic bottles.
Claws are wonderflex. All small detailing were sculpey and light sculpey. All the chain was made by hand then spray painted gold.
The wheel is foam, the spokes are wire and straws, and pixie sticks.
The headdress is held on by one black strap under the face.


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Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Styria - Shiva Sisters


Elika_88 So amazing! It´s a beutiful costume. Perfect!!!

rie_rhuu I never expected someone made this one. This is soooooo great! SHIVA SISTERS OUT FROM GAME~ OMG 0__0 I CAN SEE EIDOLON IN REAL LIFE XD

Elika_88 Wow! beutyful! It´s so amazing!

Selkies this owns! very nicely done should be a showcase ^.^

Irene OMG.... i think someone desrves showcase! ;D!

BalthierFlare This is incredible....beyond words!

Kit Cloud You both look so amazing. I was thinking of making a Bike Shiva costume myself! You wouldn't happen to have made any tutorials for this would you?? I'm just so awe inspired. I'm truly amazed at your skills.

MugetsuHime This is most impressive. Hats off to you.

Athel Wonderful job! This is hands down my favorite of your cosplays.

silent_dreaming Absolutely amazing! I love the list of materials - pixie sticks, yoga mats, plastic bottles, etc. Very inventive, and the costume is spectacular!

Lycorisa This is amazing! Impressive work. It looks really great!