Asuma Sarutobi




This was my first official Cosplay! I made it over a few months with the help of my Wonderful Grandmother. I wanted to do a character I liked, felt a connection, and somehwat looked like. Asuma was that character. The pants and shirt were bought, but I made the patches, vest, and daggers from scratch. The boots were old ones I took and made into Naruto versions. Cheesecloth for the bandages. put it all together and you got an awesome cosplay.
I hope to have all the little details, new trench knives, and some better poses down by next otakon.
I didn't carry cigarettes cause there disgusting. but that was the most common comment made to me was to ask where my cigs where. maybe next year.
The best part: "YOu're DeaD!!!" shouted at me when walking around. lol
Worst part: everyones let down about my homemade trench knives that I worked hard on.


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Series Naruto
Character Asuma Sarutobi


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