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Kino was made to match Miri's Ayla.

Most of this costume is the most horrible faux fur in existence, which will probably remain in my lungs until the day I die. When I wore it at ACen, I was incredibly unhappy with the entire endeavour, but wearing it again at Anime Iowa I'm a little more pleased with it.

The majority was either handsewn or hot glued and the costume involves being wrapped and safety-pinned in to most of the faux fur.

Kino's wig was made from a Saga and a cannibalized party wig for the ponytail.

When I played CT, Kino was definitely my favorite character, with Tata a close second. I went in to the game knowing I was going to cosplay Kino, as Miri had invited me to do so (and I love cosplaying Miri's significant others and yelling yaoi?! every five seconds at her).

Their relationship in game was just too adorable to not love.

Kino like Ayla best!


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