My first experience working with genuine stretch material! Lots of blood, sweat, and tears for this lovely outfit. As you can see, my first attempt at gloves and boot covers, as well as working with that horrid panne velvet material! First and last time I'm working with this, I swear.

Basic construction notes:

~The shirt was made from a modified button-down shirt pattern. Everything was made form-fitting. The hood was free-handed. The white stripe down the front and around the edge of the hood are interfaced, which I would highly recommend for anyone doing this outfit. It really adds the body necessary for the whole outfit not to be floppy. The bottom, however, is not interfaced, so it fits better. The shirt is a pullover with a small hidden zipper under the stripe at the top to allow for getting it on and off over my head. There must be a way to do it without the zipper... I just don't know how.

~The pants are a modified pj pants pattern, pretty much just making it so it was extremely fitted rather than loose.

~Gloves are a slightly modified Butterick pattern. I hate them with a passion, but that's okay :) Gloves are terrible to make! Buy them when you can!

~The boots covers are taken from a CosMode tutorial. They need new soles (but they might each time I wear them) but other than that, they held up pretty well :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! It was a tougher experience for me than it should have been, but I have now acquired a dress form! Hopefully any future stretchy-material projects will be somewhat easier XD;


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Kirdina_the_elf Loving the Rogue! It looks great! I can't believe this was a first attempt, it is wonderful! :)