The Twelve Kingdoms



This was unfortunately a rush job, and was completed in 3 weeks. I am not thrilled about its construction, but I think it is pretty good for 3 weeks of work, and I'm proud of myself for pulling it off in time for Geek.Kon's masquerade!

The garment itself is primarily composed of reversed satin and some silk twill. The trims were all created by me.

Choosing the correct colors for this costume was quite a challenge, as the shading and light usage in the anime vary from shot to shot and scene to scene. But I settled on these. :)

The wig was created by pulling a base wig into two pigtails. The pigtails were then stubbed. I cut a "V" shape out of Styrofoam and then glued the hair on. The Styrofoam was then glued onto the wig, along with all of the other decorations.


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Series The Twelve Kingdoms
Character Shoukei


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