Nakahara Sunako

The Wallflower



This was a simple costume. It was honestly all bought. Well, the shirt was given to me. Lol.

Plain white long sleeve shirt. (In pictures, that is the wrong one. Well, default picture.)

Crimson Pants, purchased for everyday clothing. (Those gave the inspiration of this cosplay.)

Shoes, I ended up purchasing at payless I believe?

If it means anything, I'm in search of props! :)


There are no photos in this costume yet.

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Series The Wallflower
Character Nakahara Sunako


MewMewRith I love you <3 I'm actually ironically enough watching The Wallflower right now and was about to see if anyone had cosplayed it XD ~MewMewRith <3

Xaniss You look very creppy in the photo, but I liked your cosplay of Nakahara Sunako.