Haseo 2nd Form (.Hack//G.U)




I just know that he was a speical charater to me from the start. Ryou Misaki is a mysterious person, and with his personaliy, comes his presence in cosplaying. I want to be mysterious, I want to be the hard fighter in the costume-roleplaying.

The wig is just so hard to style, It's a nightmare. I Had fun though doing it xD
My weapons are in the process, I have chosen the two golden twin blades from his 1st form, and have chosen not to make the huge chainsaw that Haseo's 2nd form would normally hold.

I had aot of fun outside taking some shots, My sister really helped me out and she'll take more at the MCM expo in May.

Anyway, I honestly cannot wait to continue to wear this, and improve my skills each time. Although various elements to this cosplay was bought, I still remain proud to be Haseo ^^


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Character Haseo 2nd Form (.Hack//G.U)


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