Ise Nanao




This was my first con, but not my first cosplay piece. My friend and myself decided that bleach would be a good choice for our first con. She went as Kotetsu Isane and ROCKED it!
I found some historically accurate patterns and modified them slightly to fit me and the character. The costume consists of an under kosode, an over kosode, a hakama, tabi, and waraji. I want to go back and make her lieutenant badge and zanpakutou.
Thanks to this costume I am now addicted to making waraji!! He he.
And yes my friend and I were nerdy enough to enter the masquerade at our first con.
My hair is not quite right because it was raining when we came into the con that day.
Thank you to Biogirl of for taking the photo.

Yeah, I now have a badge! All that's left is the zanpakutou. I don't know when I'll get around to that though.


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Character Ise Nanao


aquarist It took about 2-3 hours per shoes at first but now it doesn't take as long. It also depends on the size shoe you have to make. I'm a size 5 1/2.

Will WOW! you made your own shoes thats amazing. How long did that take you?