Seiichirou Aoki




Once again the power of my closet gives birth to new cosplay. As it turns out I’m a snazzy dresser to begin with so a tan suit wasn’t too hard to pull out of my closet. Styling my hair was very easy as well. So this was a pretty quick cosplay.

The first time I wore this cosplay it was with a group of X cosplayers all of whom liked my cosplay. So that made me happy. Meeting all the other X/1999 cosplayers made this a very fun cosplay, especially the very cute Karen cosplayer I spent my time with. Really want to wear this at a big event.

I did not have my experience with the series before I started the cosplay. I did this more because it was requested of me, but that request peeked my interest in this series. Beyond that, I am hoping to get a nice Japanese newspaper to complement myh cosplay. What can I say? I love props!


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Series X/1999
Character Seiichirou Aoki


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