Helmet Girl - Xiomara

Camilla D'Errico



This costume was inspired by and recreated from the beautiful artwork of Camilla D'Errico. It is one of her many designs from a series of 'Helmet Girls'. If you haven't see her work before, go look her up now!

I built the helmet out of foam floor mats and model magic. The dress with it is also one of the my favourite things I've sewn so far!


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Created 11 years ago
Series Camilla D'Errico
Character Helmet Girl - Xiomara


p1ng666 gorgous! camilla will be proud ^^

Elffi Thanks a lot! And wow you got some great costumes! :D

Chiisanahime Beautiful! The helmet really looks like metal =O

Javakat343 HOly Crud! A more in depth explaination of the helmet and dresses construction would be GREATLY appreciated!

YeyeC WOW!

KittyLee That helmet is so gorgeous~! You did an amazing job painting it

Fiona Muy chulo!!^_^

Dr. Holocaust I simply must ask… what is Xiomara? I’m afraid I’m not familiar with it and I went around all of Ad Astra calling you girls “motor heads”. Heh.

carladawn OMG This looks amazing!

Triene So I have to ask... how do you get something like that to stay on your head? Must know for future costumes! It looks awesome.

Spyder wow that is pretty cool, is it meant to be steampunk?