Hilary as Schoolgirl


Bible Black

Cosplayer: Hilary
This was made as a sort of joke costume to be worn with a group of friends at Acen. Of course I got mine finished (mostly), got dressed, and met up with them only to learn that I would be flying solo in a hentai costume. On the plus side, I think the uniforms are darling and have been wanting to make one for years.

For the bodice, I draped the pattern on a dress form (I am a draping master!) And heavily fit it to myself after making the paper pattern and mockups. It's lined and boned to give it a very cartoon, finished look. The skirt is just a cut-and dry knife pleat cheerleader skirt. The thigh-highs did not want to stay up, so I'll have to rig up a stay-put system in the future. A comfy, fun costume to wear. Obviously not totally finished (need to correct the tie color, make the slippers, and those little adjusters on the straps), but satisfactory thus far.