after a long time of thinking of this and my own fursuit i'm going to make kyuubi, because i'm lazy and kyuubi is easy to make XD
it was fun to do and pikminlink liked it :3
and i won with it 150€ which is about 200$ ?? so thanks everyone &gt;w<~

it was so hot in it! 8D
oh yeah! Here is a video of my kyuubi ^^

if everyone is interested in it 8""D and yeah...
I'm thinking of doind new shoes for him because those look uncool XDD butt yeah, we will see :3

I sold her, to someone else, so I'll add up a photo of me and my kyuubi at the same time XD
Good cosplay, genuenly nice experience... I hope she has a good new home ^^


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Series Naruto
Character Kyuubi


XxxCosplayerxxX oh god im going to make one for a con this year but i dunno how to make a Kyuubi quadsuit

papajda WoW where it can buy

shinku-no-kira How long did it take you to make it? I'm considering making one.

sorakitsune so how did you make it? or at least the body?

KagalieRiza Wow !!! so cool !