Lucius Malfoy

Harry Potter Series



Lucius was started in late April/early May of 2003 to be ready for the premiere of "Order of the Phoenix" to bookstores. At that point, however, only part of his arsenal was completed..that being his black wool, fur-trim cloak and the inner brocade jacket. The snake-head walking stick was made for me by a young lady who I only know as "M. Alice".

For CostumeCon 22, more parts were added, including a second suitcoat (which was at first mistaken as part of the cloak), Sculpey replications of his twisted snake brooches (including a rough estimate at the one he wears on his neck), and a pair of drop-front trousers with machine-sewed pinstriping. The latter was based only on a first-hand account on the costume when it was in the FIDM movie costume exhibit.

I've put Lucius into retirement because he's my earliest costume and I don't wear him anymore. But I keep him because he represents how I've come along in my knowledge since I started this hobby on an official basis.


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Character Lucius Malfoy


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