I cosplayed Girlycard to MCM expo Oct. 2010. Most of her is charity shop bought, apart from the gloves, hat and wig. The gloves and hat were made by Bootheghost. I cosplayed with an Alucard, Walter, Sera and Integra. It was much fun abusing my Walter :P


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Series Hellsing
Character Girlycard


SugarDust Ahh sorry for the late reply, I'm actually wearing a white jacket/blazer which we found in a charity shop! But I'm sure if you look for a general long coat pattern you could find a good one. I hope you've found what you wanted.

TheBadger Hello! i need help, i am cosplaying Girlycard as well, and i cannot seam to find a long white coat! How did you come across yours? Did you make it? Buy it? if so where? XPP tY! im so close to being done, just the long overcoat is giving me trouble!