Maria Renard

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night



Expensive as Izayoi's Juni hitoe.

Make me dizzy. But curious.....and greedy too I guess ^^
I love woman costume specially medieval era ^^ or pirates style ^^

By the time I'm doing this I got tooth-ache so must go to the dentist (I'm scared like hell). I've got tooth surgery at 8 October 09, Thursday, and the event was on 11 Oct 09. I hope nobody see my chubby cheek ;P

It took me 2 hours to dress as Maria Renard, need 12 safety pins to correction the dress ^^;;;'s more difficult than Sara or Elisabetha &gt;.<

Pssst.....the secret for the collar to stand stiff is ..I used stiff cloth that usually used for inside of tuxedo. So the collar is very stiff.

I never played the game of Castlevania, I only know and had the information from wikipedia and Magami chan that invite me to join her Castlevania group ^^

Based on illustration from sensei Ayami Kojima-sama
I love her ^^ Her artworks are so beautiful ^^


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Series Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Character Maria Renard


seawaterwitch Thank you [email protected] chan ^^ *hugs*

[email protected] Super-cute! I think your Maria costume is one of the best!

seawaterwitch Thank You Ansatsusama-chan ^^ *hugs*

Ansatsusama beautiful costume!!! *u* María is sooooo COOL!