Uni Puma

Dominion: Tank Police

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80's android catgirl clones with big guns, big hair, and metallic swimsuits? SIGN ME UP. Actually, I signed HezaChan up, too. I was stoked to get a chance to work with another talented Midwest gal. These costumes were too much fun; I can't wait to wear them again! Next time we'll swap armor so it matches the reference picture better. We both forgot a picture to bring to ACen. Whoops. This seems to be a theme with me lately.

For the love of all that is Masamune Shirow. This was one of the first anime's I saw back when it was on late night TV.

HezaChan styled the wigs and ears, as well as sewed the awesome lined bodysuits. I constructed the gloves and arm gear, garters, and bootcovers. I made the shoulder armor using paper clay. Our colossal guns were made by Daguru, who pretty much made them up and put them together in one weekend. We were going to have little toy guns, but I'm so glad Daguru volunteered to make us something Puma Sister-worthy!


@Jia Jem
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Character Uni Puma


~H~ You are AWESOME! Love the Puma twins ^_^.

Agenza These costumes are soooooo effing cool. The guns...oh man do i want one

Kanai I am so *v*!!! I will have the chance to know you in person!!!!! The first time that in a tnt they invite someone that really I want to know!!!!!!! I'm so happy that you come to mexico!!!! ... Would you give me your autograph??? T_______T???