Earthychan as Zombie Nurse

Zombie Nurse


Cosplayer: Earthychan
Here is a costume that I made up for Halloween. I have to admit... I did not make the whole costume on my own. My mom is a nurse and used to wear the white dress to work. So she said that I could have it and do whatever I wanted to with it. And so I did...

The only thing that I did to the dress is shorten it a little and made it a bit smaller for my size. And of course... I made it all bloody! That was my fav part of the whole thing! Although the fake blood made my hands a little red.

Nurse cap- I found a website that can show me how to make a nurse cap out of paper. So I was really excited to have a nurse cap that I made myself.
I would love to wear this to school for Halloween this year. Im going to school as a PSW. I think my teachers will get a kick out of it.