Lynn Minmay

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross



My boyfriend got into anime from the old school Robotech series, and I remember watching it a bit when I was younger, too. He loves Minmei, so... OF COURSE... I cosplay Minmei. ^_^ This is the first outfit you see her in in the series, so yeah!


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Series The Super Dimension Fortress Macross
Character Lynn Minmay


cavtrooper63 about old school. Bring back a lot of good memories... I use to love watching that show...more for the Mechca than the characters. Just for the record...You should do Lisa Hayes next time...I still have a crush on here!!

mr-kobayashi I'm trying to change this too mate! You make a really nice-looking Minmay, she's not my favorite character, but I loved the way you mede it!

score Why doesn't this have comments?! I'm changing that now. People just don't know what "so amazing that this costume was done because it's the best and has never been done before" when they see it.