Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

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Decus was my introduction into the cosplay world. I had never cosplayed before, nor really knew all that much about it, but when my sister randomly suggested we should (I forget how the topic even came up), my friends and I we're all over the idea. For some reason, dressing up seemed not at all strange at the time.

Decus was also my first attempt at building any kind of prop and, well, my first real attempt at doing any kind of project that required something more complex than a hammer and flat-head screwdriver. Naturally, I chose to build a prop that was seemingly ridiculous and impossible, but my sister and I tried anyway...and failed.

The black iron maiden was our first attempt and we didn't even get the color right. It lasted one convention and completely fell apart halfway through. The second attempt was sturdier, but only lasted a short while because there was a lot of craft foam for the detailing, which is impossible to fix once it dents and cuts. It wasn't exactly how I pictured it - it didn't open like it did in the video game. So, we retired the second edition and prepared for the third (and hopefully final) edition.

The third is what you see in most of the photos, along with a redone version of the sword as well. In my galleries, you can see a step-by-step of both props if you are curious about how I went about it.


@Eau de Decus
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POOTERS nice jobb

Veroniku AMAZING cosplay, you make an awesome Decus XD Wow all your hard work paid off, keep it up ^^

Xepherys Woo! someones a smexy Decus

MissKitsune LMAO :3 I love this.