General Deslock

Space Battleship Yamato



This Cosplay took a lot of research, first I had to reasearch the uniform that the artist used to create the Gamilon uniform which was a German Panzer Uniform, so I had to get an authentic German uniform and then modified it (i.e. remove all nazi symbols etc...)
I have to admit the Germans make really comfortable boots XD.

After assembling the uniform, I found out the hard way with this Version when I make Version 2 I will need to change the method of coloring hair, being natural black, I found out it does not accept hair coloring, so I will need to go with a wig. Painting my self blue was interesting, I found really good paint, but only has a 4 hour life span before cracking, so I need to find a better paint as well as it being able to use an airbrush for application, applying with a makeup sponge takes too long, and doesn't apply evenly.

So I am planning to make a version 2 of this cosplay once I upgrade the hair and body paint issue.


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Series Space Battleship Yamato
Character General Deslock
Variant It's Deslock does it really matter on Variant? XD


VS FoxHound Haha, you find Jackboots comfortable? xD Great job man, it was awesome to see in person!

carladawn Great job!