Utena Tenjou

Revolutionary Girl Utena



Hmm, felt like this costume took forever. Even though its pretty simple in itself. Must be because we also made a Anthy costume, and little Utena princess version. I had so much fun with this. And I got to work with Epoxy Resin for the first time ever! The shoulder plates and breast-jewelry are made from resin.
I think I like the shoes the most. They turned out awesome, even though they look a bit like bowling shoes.. They have some heel because I had to be taller than my Anthy. Haha. We're both really tall.


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Series Revolutionary Girl Utena
Character Utena Tenjou


Kiichigo I remember awkardly hugging you at SVS because I was surprised at your tallness so suddenly I was kinda hugging your stomach O.o You and Abena's acts are so amazing ~