Miwako Sakurada

Paradise Kiss



I have wanted to cosplay Miwako (with Tranquility as my Yukari) from Paradise Kiss for a long time. Tranquility and I won a surprise trip at Metrocon 2009 to NYAF to compete for the Yume prize.. and we decided it was a perfect time to finally make these costumes.

I chose one of Miwako's fancier outfits from the series so that I would better match Tranquility's blue ballgown in our pair. I used a dark pink heavy satin for the dress and shoes, and designed/cut out by hand all the black velvet appliques. Other accessories were also made with black velvet and I used glass pearlized beads to make the polka dot detailing. I made all my patterns from scratch for this dress, and fitting the bodice and sleeves was a new challenge for me. I also HAD to make the Happy Berry backpack. It was a perfect excuse to use the glittery red vinyl that I could never find a use for. :)

The wig started out as an Innocent because I wanted a nice looking back part. I tied off the existing pigtails and added 24 little styrofoam balls wrapped in wig fiber all around to simulate Miwako's super tight ringlets she sometimes has. I love this wig so much, the hairstyle is just too super cute!

Performing at NYAF's masquerade was my and Tranquility's first time ever doing a skit on stage. We made all our stage props together, including fans that were supposed to look like a bouquet of blue flowers when folded up, but turn into butterfly wing shaped fans. I was so nervous on stage, but I'm so glad that we did it. It was a neat experience!


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Character Miwako Sakurada


Francine You look just like her

OliMolli can you please link me to a reference photo of this cosplay?

demolitionwoman SO CUTE! *____*