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gotta love the Indy man lol ive always wanted to try and cosplay as Indy excpet i lacked having his Aussie Fedora until now mwahahahaaaa time to go storm some forbbiden temples and get some hot ladies x) lol ok ok i still need the wip, man bag, and holster and maybe a more accurate shirt and then ill be good ^^


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Series Indiana Jones Series
Character Indiana Jones


MizoreShirayuki what a great idea for a cosplay! >w< by the way~ thank you so much for your kind comment n.n have a nice day!

minako55nz OMG one of my fav characters ever I love the way you pulled him off oh and thanx for the nice comment on my Lightning cosplay!

Kirdina_the_elf How cool is this?! Looks awesome! Great cosplay :)

negativedreamer pretty good indie!

BalthierFlare That's awesome.