NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

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Finally uploading this thing. XD

Anyway, this cosplay inspiration was brought about when I finished playing through Journey of Dreams a second time to get Claris and Elliot(and TRiPPY's awesome U.V. NiGHTS cosplay!). I was listening to Dreams Dreams~Sweet Snow, and I thought "I'm gonna cosplay NiGHTS for Anime NEXT!". And I thought this up last month(April), and the con is in June. I am so screwed. XD (from my post in

When I first brought out this cosplay at AnimeNEXT '09, I couldn't go anywhere without being mobbed for photos. I didn't expect so many people to recognize NiGHTS! Everyone was saying it was a classic/rare cosplay, and I agree. There needs to be more NiGHTS cosplay.

I had tons of fun with this cosplay. Its feels really special when you cosplay as NiGHTS. I can't wait to do it again. He's never getting retired~


@Yamia Ishtar
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Series NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Character NiGHTS


lithe-fider You really got the posing down, I love it <3

*Nedia_limay* I believe I saw you at the Sakura Matsuri festival during the fashion show. Your costume is pure awesome!!

Narnian Awesome cosplay!!!!! It so cool and kawai!