Bulma Briefs

Dragon Ball



First of all, I love Dragonball. Bulma is such a hilarious character and I absolutely adore the PichiPichi Gal Bunny Bulma figure.. so I had to make this costume.

I've never made a fitted suit like this, so I decided to try it. The bunny suit is made of 4-way stretch vinyl and lined in black spandex. It's also got boning and bra cups sewn in for support. I sewed everything completely by hand; all the topstitching and construction for the suit, ears, wrist cuffs, and bow were done without a machine. Why this punishment? I simply had time to kill and I enjoy handsewing.

I also carried around a Dragonball.. which was a bouncy ball from a toy store that had water and gold glitter inside of it. I cut out star shaped stickers and painted them red and stuck them on the front. Kind of cheap, but it looks neat when you shake it up. (and it still bounces!) I'm happy with the results, and I'm even more glad that I could actually pull off making and wearing a bunny suit.


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