Maka Albarn

Soul Eater



My cosplay group one day said "Hey! Lets do a Soul Eater group for Momocon!" and that is how I got whirled into cosplaying Maka ^^ This was a really fun costume to make but the coat I had originally made got "butchered" (don't ask -.-) so I had to settle for just the school uniform. I made this costume about a week before Momocon (scythe included) before the other members of the Soul Eater cancelled on doing the group cosplay ^^;; In the end, I didnt wear it but I can't wait to premiere it at the next con, even if I am by myself ^^

The scythe was made of a PVC pipe and foam board. I used gesso to paint over it first before applying the actual paint. Soul's eyeball thingy was made out of a can that I found and painted <3 The boots were regular black boots covered in white duct tape XD Overall, I really like this costume but I wish I had blonde hair &gt;<;;


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Series Soul Eater
Character Maka Albarn


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