Queen Odette

Odin Sphere



(It was about time I included a proper description for this costume).

I had about a year's notice to make this costume, and I'm pretty glad I did since it was very time consuming to make... It was amazing to have an almost complete Odin Sphere group and I got to meet some very talented people because of it.
Kapalaka was putting together an Odin Sphere group, and by some sort of magic she seemed excited to have me in it too! From the moment I saw this design my mind started racing. I never stopped thinking about this costume until it was actually done. I would build it, paint it, assemble it, wear it, measure it, constantly in my head.

Making this certainly pushed me in many aspects and I learned much from it.
The make-up takes an entire hour to put on, and the dress takes another 45 minutes or so. I cannot be done without somebody helping me. The plan was to enter the costume contest but some wardrobe malfunctions made themselves apparent the first time I put everything on.

Even though I prepared myself for the physical demands I would endure from it, it was still painful and tiring to wear. The bones and dress weighed me down. I had to keep my head constantly upright for the sake of the crown (like a queen!), I was also wearing platform heel shoes (have you seen how tall Odette is supposed to be!?) and a steel corset. Add to this the fact that I was covered from my fingertips to my toes in the lovely Florida heat which made it extra steamy!

I want to give my super duper thanks to all the awesome people that offered their kind support, much needed help and overall goodwill as we struggled with these complicated costumes, even as they had their own epic cosplay to deal with: Tewibewi, Zippertan, Junicorn, brkak132, makyz, Brandy + Kaitlin. You guys are too sweet! I'm too lucky to call you friends and cosplay partners.

CHECK OUT THE GALLERY WITH THE PROGRESS / PROCESS PICTURES: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/188180/


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WARPAINTandUnicorns Very awesome Queen Odette!!

DiamondLuciel Your Odette is magnificent! I can't wait to see more pictures.

Hoihoi-san How very awesome!

Nayara Wow, can't wait to see the finished cosplay. :)