Gilbert Nightray

Pandora Hearts



I loooove this costume. <3 I totally wasn't on my sewing-list until 3-4 weeks ago when I watched some Pandora Hearts again and little Gilbert just stole my heart. <3

I didn't think the adult version of Gil would suit me (starting with being much too small for him and ending with... just not having the right looks to do him justice), so I went for the little version. And I didn't regret it. ^^

It's really comfy (if a bit too warm) and I even managed to sew decent pants who survived a horribly action-packed day at an amusement park. The wig was kindly lent to me by my Tyki Mikk-chan, though I have my own now. *giggles*

Well yeah, love it. :) I even have my own little Oz-sama now. <3


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Series Pandora Hearts
Character Gilbert Nightray


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