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Soulcalibur IV

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This costume forced me to learn far too many new techniques for my own good. Everything but the wig was either crafted or designed personally. I think I'll make this go bottom-up.

The fabric was first complied on Microsoft paint and paint.net, using a variety of vectoring and computer drawing. Once the fabric was done, it was converted into fabric by spoonflower.com.

I took some sandals I had bought and took them apart. I made a mock-up of how the shoe should look, and then cut that from some lycra spandex. I added a layer of interfacing for support, and took an old heel from another shoe and covered it as well. Adding some fabric-covered furniture nails; they made good rivets. Then the design was stenciled onto some more interfacing-backed fabric, and attached that to some nylon straps.

The tights were made with 2 layers of white lycra, and 1 layer of skin-colored lycra. I decided to make them tights instead of thigh-highs, because I didn't trust them to stay up otherwise.

The back skirt is upholstery fabric, with two layers of ruffle in the back.

The long skirt was made from the custom-printed fabric, with the ruffle sandwiched between a furniture lining.

The shorter skirt was also made with custom-printed fabric, with screen printing patterns on the back.

The belt was made with vinyl, with hot-glue decorations. The glue was gold-leafed and sealed. (This will be fixed.) The lower belt was custom-fabric, with soft quilter's batting stuffed inside for volume.

The shirt was made with custom-fabric, screen-printed upholstery fabric, and white cotton. Freezer paper was used to stencil the sleeves. The cuffs were designed by Cone Layout. The upper portion is tulle which was self-embroidered.

The collar is eyelet cotton which has been gathered into a neckpiece. The choker started off as gold foil styrene, furniture nails, and resin jewels.

The sword started off as two different swords that I got at an after halloween sale. The blade of one was put over the hilt of the other and glued together. They were then filled with expanding polyfoam to close any gaps. It was then covered with paper mache. Then it was coated in bondo and fiberglass. Paperclay was used for the detail pieces. It was coated in resin then sanded for weeks. The scabbard was made the same way, save the base was cardboard from a fabric bolt.

The spear started off as a wooden twist curtain pole. The bottom was two finial pieces put together, and added to a candle holder. (I had to fill epoxy into the candle holder, since it was originally hollow) Detail pieces were added from plastic casting. The blade is balsa wood with paperclay filled in. The top piece is paperclay, with plastic resin pieces embedded within. One detail piece came from a soap mold. The flag holder is a curtain rod, with wolf pieces resin casted onto the ends. The fabric was screen-printed onto the ends and folded over the center piece. The wolf was screen printed and appliqued over the top, while the flower was airbrushed on.

I would say that this intense project started from Mid-October 08 and was completed in Mid-April 09.


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