Akiyama Mio


Reason for choosing this cosplay: Well, I love Mio XD and a lot of people say i could pull her off and at first i was like "no waaaay x_X;" but then after a while i was like "sure why the heck not, i can prolly get it all done in a day's worth of shopping..."

Start Date: June 13 2009
Finish Date: -----

Rough Price List:
$ 25 - Black Dress. It's really beautiful considering the price
$ 7 - Leggings
$ 3 - Fabric for gloves + hat
$ 1 - Flowers

Still want...
- A cane q_q;
- A bass... but maybe I can get away with a guitar

Hardest Part
1) FINDING THE LEGGINGS. So I entered the mall from Sears and from there went to Claire's thinkin they'd defiantly have blue leggings. sike. So i went to Icing...then Victoria's secret... forever 21...express... pac sun... hot topic...spencers... macy's...and stores i don't even know what they're called. still no leggins q_q;; i ended up finding them at sears... which is the FIRST store i walked into. Funny, huh?

2) SEWING THE ARM WARMERS ... was more difficult than i thought it was XD apparently my arm is oddly shaped... the wrist is skinny as hell and then my triceps are HEUG. so it was hard measuring XD and the stripes were time consuming q_q;;;

The Easiest Part
1) Finding the dress xD I wasn't even actively looking for the dress and i just happened to stumble upon it XD And it was perfect!!! Perfect style, perfect material, perfect price!!!

Hours Spent: 1-2 hours of shopping
4 hours of putting it together so far :P
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Series K-On!
Character Akiyama Mio

Mistes And it's you the Mio! :D I too thought your costume was pretty much the best out there o-o; there were a lot of mios though xD I've found tons of pictures from the K-on photoshoot online o-o; though I didn't take too many at the scene >_< they're on my facebook though =__+;