Enhance the cosplay with the Sniper Rifle, the BFG (aka LAARG) and Pistol. However, as I found out in AB2009 I need to install some form of cooling system in future upgrades.


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Last Updated 11 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series Halo
Character SPARTAN II 042
Variant Battle Scared


Narnian EPIC cosplay!

Alexiel10 This cosplay look incredible!!!

SushiBunnie Haha Awesome job!!

carladawn Thanks for your input! Your Halo dude looks amazing!!

Rame such a cool costume.. really awesome !!

MelonPlay wooooh *__* now this is awesome!!!

Starman Junior It's been said quite a bit here - but seriously, SUPER amazing armor! :D

Gloha_h This costume is EPIC! Wow!

Shiro_AU awesome great job :)

Surine Thanks for your lovely comment. Looked through your gallery, - You're totally awesome! Indcredibly well done costumes!

IzunaDrop247 Freakin AWESOME!!!

Eloare AMAZING!!°__° great job!! and thank you for the comment xD

croft_woman Thanks for the comment :) Love your cosplay, nice job on the guns!

icevalkyrie7 omg thats awesome I love halo. Dude you rock!

ambergrr wow. that is legit. Awesome cosplay!

Zero Sammy Greeeeeat Job!!!!

Tenshila I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *-*

Uchiha_Mara Sweet Spartan!! XD Halo rocks!!!! :D Wonderful cosplay! ^^

Gearsofhalo even though this is not really made by you, and is rubies supreme armor, you rock it nicely.

the_bram_bear great costume. i'm very interested in this PVC armor method. were the weapons hand made?