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Soul Eater



I love how this Costume turned out! It was fairly comfortable to wear, though it did get a little hot sometimes in late may. It was a blast walking around carrying my huge scythe as it drew a lot of attention. I was thrilled with the positive response to my outfit and I thank everyone who complimented me or took the time to ask for my photograph.

Why I made this costume- I made this costume because I was approached by a friend who wanted to do a large cosplay group. I started watching the series and really loved it! Maka is a great character and her costume is pretty cool. And I have the right build to cosplay her.

Wig - This costume started at the wig. I bought a wig from can't remember which one, but it already had bangs and was pretty thick. I think it was a Sindi. Anyway, I parted the ponytails and added extra wefts of hair to the parting of the wig so that the mesh would not be exposed. Once the wefts were in I worked patiently to get all the of the hair into poigtails without bumps or uneven patches. I secured the hair with elestics and glue and then covered the elastics with more hair. Then I trimmed the bangs and thinned the pig tails because Maka's hair is very thin and I had a TON of hair in these pig tails. More than half of it needed to come out.

Boots - I made the boots from a pre-existing pair of Bogo boots. I used white acrylic paint and white broadcloth to make the straps, and model magic fo rthe buckles held on with hot glue.

Jacket - the jakcet was quite a task to make. I used the same pattern that I had used for my chrno jacket. The only problem was that this jacket needed to be fitted, and this pattern was way too big for me. Oops. So after the jacket was made, I went to work altering what I probably should have taken into account before cutting the fabric. :P I used several different guess-and-test methods of fitting the jacket to my shape and getting it to flare out like Maka's. She is so thin! And her jacket fits her so closely! I ended up sacrificing a little mobility in the arms for accuracy's sake, but its not so bad. I am pleased with the way the buttons turned out and black fabric is good for hiding stray stitches ^__^;;; I am very happy with the cuffs and collar! they couldn't have gone any better.

Under Jacket - Under her jacket, Maka has a yellow sweatervest, a white dress shirt and a plaid skirt. because I would simplty MELT with three layers on at the end of May, I decided to skip the sweater vest and shirt, and just sew the bottom of a sweater to a sleeveless T-shirt. This will be a much cooler option and keep me cool all con long. The skirt is real, however, made from scratch.

Scythe - The scythe was a ton of fun to make, and my first large prop ever!! (I tried making a Tetsaiga in 7th grade but to no avail.) I started with a light-weight curtain rod, painted silver. I made the blade out of two layers of craft foam covered in duct tape. Attached to a strengthed paper towel roll, stabilized with two pieces of wood, cut on an angle. Then I used model magic and foam to construct the decorative elements. The blade is removable so that I can fit it in my car. :) It was painted with care over two days.

All in All, this costume only took about a week's worth of work to make, though I spread that time out over several months because I was away at school and only worked on it a little when I was home for Christmas break.

I cannot wait to wear this costume again. It is my new favorite and my first costume to win me any sort of official recognition.


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MonsterNinjaINC I'm sort of in the process of making a Maka cosplay, and I was had a few questions, if that'd be okay with youu.. Do you remember what color Sindi you used? (the wig) Also, what pattern did you use? (If you can remember..) Thanks much in advance! :)

(Spector) I really loved cosplaying with you as your costume came out wonderfully! It was a great experience and I would love to do it again! I think that you were one of the best, if not the best Maka I've seen. Keep it up.