Silent Hill (movie)

@Jia Jem
I sewed the dress and hat. I altered a front-close dress to make it a velcro wrap and drafted the lapels. I patterned the hat myself because it was going over a giant latex head, and has a distinct shape. Luckily I didn't have to sew any hems because they were just going to be destroyed! Daguru distressed the uniform using latex, mixed media, and paint. He sculpted and cast the impressive mask. I love the textural quality this outfit has.
@Jia Jem
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Series Silent Hill (movie)
Character Nurse

Kasinator genuinely scary! Awesome job!!

-Ichi- oh my f*** god o.O It is so awesome. I've never seen such a perfect nurse. I'm stunned...really xD Great...just awesome *___*

Daya ~ Kairi Perfect nurse <3

Jilly-Bean Beautiful effects overall on the entire outfit. Great work!

strifestreak This is amazing. The Silent Hill nurses have been done a million times over but yours really looks great. Loving the mask, and the actual decaying look of the nurses outfit. <3

Tsubasaglz this looks awesome! u made a lovely job!"!!!! nurses are so creapy that I love them xD