Nel Zelpher

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time



I made the top, skirt, corset, arm guards, & boot covers with pleather & then knitted the scarf (which took a really long time!). I made the metal plates for the hand guards out of fun foam & rub 'n buff. I gave up on trying to make a decent mask-thing out of paper clay. I had the sheaths ready for the con, also made out of pleather, but it was so hard to get the swords back into place after taking them out, I just left the sheaths at the hotel & carried my swords around. This is one of the most difficult costumes I've made so far. It gave me trouble at every step, jammed the sewing machine numerous times and took so long to make. Also, there are still some ill-fitting places on the top that I'd like to work on, especially the neck-line.


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Series Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time
Character Nel Zelpher


Dark_Angel_15 nice nel

rsnowdin15 Awesome job. It looks great. How did you make the knives, or did you just order them? You'd probably have to.

Lushi Wow, great job! I wouldn't have had the patience to knit the scarf. ^_^;