Nia Teppelin

Gurren Lagann



I think this was the first time I put a lot of work into a cosplay, as simple of an outfit as it may seem. The wig was bought from some beauty salon, and I had to use a washable magic marker to create the greenish-blue streaks in her hair @[email protected]

The jewlery was made from foam and painted gold, and jewls were hot glue gunned on to them. The skirt was made from scratch and the shirt I had to buy and remove the sleeves to make it sleeveless. Still, I wanna revamp the costume and make it more accurate, since I'm much better at sewing now :D

I begged Erica to be Yoko, since only her sexyness could pull it off ;D Her outfit was really easy because it was mostly bought. The only thing that I did was put the fire on the bikini top and the scarf. Joey and his brother did the big ass gun O_O They made it from pvc piping and all kinds of other stuff. They were amazing for making it; I really thought the gun was impossible to pull off o_o


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Character Nia Teppelin


Shi-chama such cute nia <3