This cosplay was a lot of fun! ^_^ thanks to my mom for help!! <3 <3


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Series Pokémon
Character Pikachu


Tsukino Hikari Kigurumis *¬*

MissMalfunction Oh my~! I love those costumes!

~Nao~ ohh no sabia q ese pikachu eras tu xD q linda ^_^

Tsubasaglz que tan lindo puede ser algo!!! se ven genial en un minigrupal!!! y de pikachu te vez muy linda ^^

FireSpyro you look awesome! I like how you've pulled off such a complicated costume idea so simply :D

Psychic Wow, those are such cute costumes! You guys look so cozy, like you're ready to snuggle in fior a nap. XD The little Togetic is sooo adorible, too! ^.^ ~Psychic

ThreadofFate Aaah, it's so cute. <3