Black suit spidey




not much to say im the guy as black suit spidey. an intersting note tho about the suit of the other guy is hes wearing an upper body muscle suit so i thought that was funny because a women who was near us at the time mentioned the i looked more tone than the other guy i was suprised to notice she was right i laugh in victory due to my awsome work out plan


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Series Spider-Man
Character Black suit spidey


ReachtotheStars Your costume looks awesome. I was wondering how you were able to get the paint so perfect. I want to create a spiderwoman costume (Julia Carpenter) and I need to figure something out. I am very new to this.

ItalianPeach Another great costume! Favorite Version of Spidey! Love it!

Snow-Storm Great Job-awesome, so far the real one

aznwolverine much appreciated man! i love your black suit spidey. were you the one cosplaying at NYAF?

Izuko I love this costume *-*... is very awesome come on ! spider gooo !! >o<

Otaku5 Very Awsome!!!

Chocobo chic duuude!u look kickass!

Saa-Chan Cool =DD