Shadow of the Colossus



Shadow of the Colossus is one of my favourite games of recent years, I'm utterly in love with everything about it, including the character designs. I decided to cosplay the protagonist, Wander whilst my friend Heather made an absolutely stunning Mono, his dead girlfriend whom he is trying to resurrect by running all over the sacred lands, killing godly creatures called Colossus. THAT SOUNDS CLEVER WANDER!

The game itself is very earthy, so I tried to use very organic, textured materials. My tabbard is the best representation of this. It was made from pure wool, including the markings. I even dyed the purple markings with an old blueberry and vinegar method (the blue ones however, I turned to Dylon as I have no idea how to make mineral dyes)

Unfortunately, my lack of organisation and problems with our postal service meant that a lot of it isn't how I want it exactly. The sandals are backups as my base didn't arrive, the belt creases too easily as I used pleather, I had to use synthetic blue hide instead of a natural dyed one I ordered, again because it didn't arrive and most importantly, I need to bind my chest a LOT more. I'm going to make further improvements because next time we should have a group of 4 people!


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