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//Finally, after three years I have good pictures of this cosplay, photographed by Yaci.

I really liked Michiru, so she was almost clear choise when we planned our Sailor Moon- group. I also had my own Haruka, so it was really fun.

The costume was mainly made by our own dressmaker, because she didn't want to see us screw up our costumes. But I did the finishing and those arm and waist.. thingies.

I planned to dye the wig but run out of time. I liked it anyway.

The shoes and other stuff were did by me and we ordered the tiaras from Catzia( I highly recommend!).

My mirror was done by my Haruka and I have to say it's the most cleverest weapon ever! Saved my day many times.

I don't yet have any decent picture, but I'll update when I find one.


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