Princess Eilonwy




When my friends asked me to join their Disney group, just about every major girl character had already been claimed. Luckily there is this little-known princess from a movie nobody's watched that I simply ADORE... not because of Disney's movie (it sucked), but because I loved her from the novels, which I read when I was young. I was happy to have an excuse to make this costume.


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Sner2000 GO PRINCESS EILONWY!!! I love her!!

RiniKun WIN :3 I want to make this costume soon ^^

Bill-kun Please put up some full-body pictures! The profile picture for this costume looks great, and Eilonwy is rarely done, and I really want to see what a great job you did on the whole costume! ^_^ Thank you so much!

ai_no_kaku I absolutely LOVE you for doing this costume! Eilonwy is my favorite. It's too bad the movie wasn't as good as it could have been. But the novels are fantastic.

svampyr Bravo for doing a costume of a lesser known princess! I love this movie!