Uncanny X-Men



Oh boy it was a hard costume to do...
but in the end i get happy with the final result ^-^'

It was so good also, because i've done this with my sister (who did Polaris) and some friends who did excellent jobs with Jubilee, Cyclops, Archangel, Jean Grey, Weapon X, Weapon X23, Rogue, Wolverin... ^^~ soooo fun!

I decided to use Kya Asamiya design, because it's one of the coolest versions he has! ^^
It's so different of the other Nightcrawler costumes, and more colorfull ^^ completely in X-Men style!

(btw, the black suit with the red "V" would be kinda... err... ¬¬' you see, i don't have a great body for it =X)


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Series Uncanny X-Men
Character Nightcrawler
Variant X-Men


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