Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

@The SOS Brigade


Our first "serious" cosplays. We didn't get a whole lot of pictures at the moment, but there will definitely be more photos added later.

After these cosplays debuted at Comicon, Aiko has some repairs to make on his cosplay, thanks to a fangirl who thought it would be clever to glomp him. v_v' She managed to break the strap on the shoulder pad (which got a quick fix, thanks to duct tape!), and the Cloudy Wolf got a few chips. Not to mention the buckles need repair as well...

Raen as Tifa Lockhart
Aiko as Cloud Strife


@The SOS Brigade
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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart


Meruz HAHA! Funny description! Then again, who wouldn't want to glomp him? Who wouldn't want to glomp YOU?? XD Awesome cosplays, though. ^_^b

Tsukusaki Such a cute Tifa! ♥

TimberWolf1178 how you cut ur hair for tifa? and howd you tyle clouds wig? my bf n i are going as these charas and need some serious hair help!

cloudstrifefan nice costume and if u made it can u email me at [email protected] i wanna tlak to u about it like how to make it lol